Competition rules
  1. All rules with regards to Nature Conservation Sea Fisheries and environmental affairs have to be adhered to.
  2. No swimming is allowed between fishing grounds, any person doing so will result in team disqualification.
  3. No Person to have more than 2 galjoen in his/her possession.  All released Galjoen qualify for any prize.  There is no limitation on number or size of galjoen caught, as long as they are released.  All fish to be kept in a pool until an official arrives for the measurements and releasing of the fish.
  4. Only edible fish count for additional prizes.  (Min.weight of 500 g).  Subject to the fish size, unlessed released.
  5. Only Galjoen to be considered for team prizes.
  6. One rod per angler.  All Galjoen must measure minimum 35cm. 
  7. No joint bags to be used for catches. Weighing cards to accompany the bags.
  8. If any angler qualifies for Galjoen prize, the fish will be eliminated from the heaviest bag prize, but will be considered for Team prizes.  If a hook is swallowed too deep, only cut line in front of the mouth to avoid any harming of the fish.
  9. Competition hours:  Saturday 19 August 2019 from 07H00 to 16H00.  Each participants card of catches to be handed in from 15H45 – 16H00 @ the Stilbaai Community Hall, where the weight in will take place.  The weight in will close on 16H00 and no late cards will be considered.
  10. Name reading and roll call Saturday 10 August 2019 @ the Stilbaai Angling Club.

    All anglers to be present Roll Call will be held.

    All team names and name changes no later than 21H00 on Friday 9 August 2019. Late arrivals must be arranged with the convener, Raldu Potgieter. 072 390 7775

  11. All fees payable before or on Friday, 9 August 2019 between 17H00 and 21H00.
  12. Men are allowed to throw for any lady participant, but without any further assistance.
  13. No teams may be changed after final entry on Friday 9 August 2019.
  14. No cutting or marking of fish allowed.
  15. Fish must be clean of any sand.  Undersize fish will lead to the disqualification of the team.
  16. No fish to be shared between anglers.
  17. Only team captains allowed in the designated weight in area, where weight in cards to be handed in before 16H00.
  18. The disregardment of any rules will lead to the immediate disqualification of the team.
  19. Any complaints to be handed in at the event organisers Raldu Potgieter, Stefan van Huyssteenor Xander de Beer before 16H00 on 9 August 2019.  The organiser’s findings will be regarded as final.
  20. Fishing area:  West of harbour wall to sand beach @ Heuningnesbaai, west of Jongensfontein.  Flag will mark end of area.
  21. Only public roads to be used by vehicles.  No PVT Roads.  This will lead to the immediate dismissal of the team.
  22. Reception and prize giving – 18H30 for 19H00 strictly.

URGENT APPEAL:  Please try to release all catches in order to protect our resourcesand National Fish.